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obras varejo comercial hipermercado


As we deal with Commercial projects we acknowledge the existence of specific needs. All our dedication and efforts are turned towards delivering our job in the short-term, with a fast execution and specific costs, maintaining always the quality standards of HELCO.

Even with a short time frame, we guarantee quality and an impeccable and inviting final result.

  • Bank Agencies;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Insurance Companies;
  • Airlines;
  • Construction of Stores and New Franchise Locations;
  • Hypermarkets and Supermarkets;
  • Retrofit;
  • Structural enlargements and reinforcements of small, medium and large size.

With customized and segmented work and performance, HELCO remains in the market because of its efficient and quality work, and due to its capacity of executing projects for the most diverse formats as well as for various sizes companies, from small to large.

We carry out any type of work, with modernity, inspiration and quality. With our skills and our own identity, we are able to act in the most diverse types of enterprises.

obras bancarias banco bancario bradesco santander safra


The execution of our engineering services for the banking branches must be treated in a special way, therefore we use strict technical procedures and standards, and we count with specialized labor available, as well as with property security procedures.

Following this philosophy, HELCO ENGENHARIA, has carried out services in more than 600 branches of banking institutions, among them: Banco Bradesco, Safra, Santander, Itaú and Citibank.

  • Reform and Civil Construction;
  • Stabilized Electrical Network;
  • Visual communication;
  • Data and Voice Logic Network;
  • Bank Fairings;
  • Accessibility in accordance with NBR 9050;
  • Rack Mounting;
  • Application of Armored Glass;
  • Air-conditioning system.

In Civil Construction the entire engineering process must be carefully studied, designed and structured in a way that it will allow the adequacy of the facilities and functionalities for each execution, whether it is a hydraulic or an electrical installation, a transportation or a sanitation project.

obras civil civis


HELCO stands out in its projects due to its competence, seriousness, know-how and expertise, as well as for its appropriate and specialized construction workforce.

HELCO is 100% dedicated to the quality of its services, always providing the best results for its projects. Check out our areas of expertise:

  • Civil Works;
  • Electrical Systems;
  • Structural systems;
  • Hydraulic Systems;
  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation Systems;
  • Fire Alarm and Detection Systems;
  • Fire Fighting Systems;
  • Building Automation Systems;
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems - CCTV;
  • Special Facilities - Data Center;
  • Special installations - Vacuum sewage.


We count with highly specialized professionals who follow up to ensure that the execution of the project goes as planned, guaranteeing tranquility and safety to our clients.

  • Power Stations: Measurement, transformation in low, medium or high voltage;
  • Power Distribution: Low, medium or high voltage feeders, cable bus system, duct bank;
  • Generation Plants: Fuel or steam;
  • Emergency System: Generator sets with manual or automated drive;
  • Alarm System: Fire, theft, intrusion, sensormatic, controls, instruments, command;
  • Systems for Processes: Controls, instruments, command;
  • Lighting Systems: Distribution of commercial, industrial, public, emergency and special lighting;
  • Power System: Commercial (110 / 220V), industrial, stabilized, grounded and special power outlets;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • Installation of stabilizers, Nobreaks and generators;
  • SPDA and grounding Electric grounding report;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance services;
  • Diagnostics, reports and technical documentation update and As built.


  • Cold Water: Collection, reservoirs, pumping, distribution;
  • Hot Water: Heating, distribution, return system;
  • Industrial Water: Cooling plants, cold water plants, distribution and return;
  • Fire Fighting: Reservoirs, pumping, hydrant network, sprinklers, CO2, Hallom;
  • Sanitary sewage: Sanitary networks, collection networks and treatment. Reuse water;
  • Building and industrial sewage;
  • LPG gas network;
  • Medical gases.


The company counts with highly skilled professionals who follow up to ensure that the execution of the project goes as planned, guaranteeing tranquility and safety to our clients.

  • Consulting services;
  • Elaboration of executive projects;
  • Closed Circuit TV System - IP CCTV and Analog;
  • Special audio, video and antenna systems;
  • Installation of infrastructure.


  • Consulting services;
  • Elaboration of executive projects;
  • Structured cabling for telecommunications networks;
  • Optical cabling for telecommunications networks;
  • Conventional cabling for telephony;
  • Infrastructure installation;
  • Provision of Wireless and VoIP systems;
  • Access control;
  • Design and Installation of Data Centers.

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HELCO ENGENHARIA offers flexible and integrated solutions for the management of the physical assets, adjusting to the particularities of each structure and to the customer’s demand, guaranteeing the safety, comfort, health and operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Our services are aligned in order to maintain the valuation of the construction. We achieve this by using the latest sustainability practices, which require the application and operation of technological resources, advanced management and constant innovation.

Facilities Engineering

Excellence is the basic principle of HELCO. The company is prepared to offer proper solutions in diverse engineering fields. Thanks to the agility and competence of all its staff, its products and services are totally adjusted to the needs of each client.

Managing teams, monitoring the work, doing the sequential maintenance of the project: everything must be aligned and following the technical standards required by the responsible bodies, whether they are national or international.

With a vision of vanguard, responsibility and seriousness, each work reaches up to the maximum level of excellence and efficiency within the parameters adopted by HELCO, as a working format.

The constant seek for functionalities, the cutting-edge materials, the prompt and present teams, whether in construction sites or in their offices, add value to the project and make the company’s brand more solid every day.

With quality, care and aiming for modernization and the full client satisfaction, we offer complete solutions to our clients and entrepreneurs. The usual business models are the turnkey contract schemes (all-inclusive closed-end works until keys are delivered) and the contract management regime, where the customer participates in the purchasing decisions routine and takes also part of the technical specifications, receiving a follow-up on the costs and on the physical progress of their project.