Selfit - IT Center

Helco carried out several services for the project of the Selfit Academy unit located in Belém / PA. Among them are: Civil Service Execution, Electrical, Hydraulic, Installation of Air Conditioning Equipment Splits, Combat and Fire Detection, Sound Reinforcement, Masonry Execution, CCTV and support in assembling equipment.

Construction Management

HELCO ENGENHARIA faced many challenges at the beginning to manage its projects. As it had a short-term schedule for all, purchases, decision making, activities start-up and new fronts, Helco had to work with tight deadlines, and had to make last minute purchases, not being able to negotiate the price with the suppliers.

Currently, using the SIECON tool, this assists in guaranteeing results, proving easier for organizations to prevent future losses. This tool has made us feel more comfortable acknowledging control on our expectations and working processes.

Total Area:
50 days
Executed on deadline
Project Local:
Sacramenta, Belém - PA
Project Segment: